PressSince our inception, we’ve got tons of press. Especially for our latest Algebra and calculus calculators. We are also leading the industry in hardware related to educational products in this industry.

Hanadan hope to extend their share of the industrial computer market by launching a 19″ rack mounted version of their DT59. With 486/586 processing capabilities, 4MB of Flash RAM, the DT59 fits perfectly into standard enclosures and additional adaptor cards are unnecessary due to it’s high level of system integration. Supporting a range of displays up to 14.5 inches and touchscreens, the DT59 also has CCD input for video use.

The multi I/O (2 serial, 1 parallel), video card/ flat panel controller, LAN adaptor, sound, touch screen controller, FDD and HDD controllers are all on the mother-board. If needed, there is still room for the addition of two half size ISA bus or standard PC/104 expansion cards.

The unit can be powered from either an AC or DC source and is ideal for space restrictive environments having a system depth of just 100mm.

February 20, 1998 “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Workstation” (SCADA) is a further enhancement of our DT59 panel mount PC, providing four ISA expansion slots, numeric keypad and function keys.

Using this workstation, customers can accommodate third party expansion products such as Field Bus Controllers, Industrial LAN cards, data acquisition, I/O and special function cards (in full-length formats). With built-in Ethernet LAN, the SCADA workstation enables users to provide full function nodes within Distributed Process Control and SCADA systems, at a cost normally associated with View Only stations.

Many of today’s leading PC SCADA packages are supported by the SCADA Workstation and can be integrated by Hanadan. These include: Intellution – Wonderware – Mitsubishi MX – PC Vue2 – Scan 1000 – Wizcon, TA Engineering AIMAX and many others.

The workstation is available with high brightness color flat panel screens from 10.4″ diagonal up to 14.5″. Operator input is by the integral touch screen, numeric keypad or keyboard and mouse. Options for SCSI interface, multimedia sound and video input is available.

Putting important information where and when you want it without the need for anything other than a power supply and a SIM card, has been achieved by Hanadan Ferrograph with the introduction of their Aurora SMS LED display system.

In simple terms, the Aurora is a GSM text receiver with the ability to convert a text message from a mobile telephone into a highly visible display. With a variable character height of up to 100mm visible from up to 60 metres over a 160 degree angle, the Aurora has the added benefit of being installed anywhere without the need for any extra hard wiring. It simply connects to a 200-260V supply.

The display offers either one line of 15x100mm high characters or two lines of 50mm high characters. Standard display features, such as scroll, wipe and curtain are available, as well as the option to use red, yellow and green LEDs.

Saving money on wiring costs or modems for use in remote locations, the Aurora can be updated from PC software, internet connection or a GSM mobile. The user simply installs their own SIM card, which will then respond to any text message sent over the GSM network.

A built in diagnostic facility enables the user to check the signal strength and then relocate if necessary. The plug ‘n’ play ability of the Aurora removes the need for any specialist staff for installation. Wall or ceiling mounted, the display is designed for indoor use and has an aluminium housing finished in black. Weighing just 8 kg, the Aurora’s measurements of 198mm high, 1435mm wide and just 75mm deep make it ideal for permanent or temporary installation in almost any location.

The Board of Hanadan Technologies plc is pleased to announce that the Company’s public information display unit, Ferrograph, has been awarded a contract to develop and install an innovative plasma screen system in London’s Underground stations that will offer unique opportunities for advertisers.

The commission comes from outdoor advertising contractor Viacom Outdoor. Ferrograph is to provide ten 61″ plasma screens, the maximum plasma screen size currently available in high impact strategic sites selected in 10 London Underground Stations.

The plasma screens will display both moving and still images with the advertisements changing every few minutes and offering advertisers the chance to create visual effects never before possible on underground station advertising. Hanadan will be responsible for the supply of equipment, computer software and hardware plus ongoing systems maintenance.

Roger McQuiggan, CEO, commented,

“To be involved in such an exciting project is excellent news for the Company. What makes the technology unique is that we have tailored the product to meet the high levels of safety requirements necessary for underground installations, this means it must be totally sealed to eliminate any possible leakage of fumes or flames in the event of an internal malfunction, or indeed any external problem which might put the screen under similar stress. It is for this reason that I have every confidence in the plasma screen’s future for underground station advertising.”