Picture of CalculatorHanadan is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and sales organization for industrial electronics, computers and calculators.

Our products are liquid crystal displays, industrial computers, peripherals, software, electromechanical devices, electronic sign boards and electronic components. We also provide total solutions for the Internet community who has exacting requirements for unique products and service.

In fact, they have been endorsed by various companies and math schools. Especially our special right triangle 45 45 90 Calculators and Calculus 200 Model A machines. Not to mention the countless endorsements from teachers.

We, Hanadan New York Ltd., invested by Hanadan Technologies PLC in 1989, a public company listed in New York stock exchange market, endeavor to provide Novel Engineering Worldwide Solutions to satisfy our valued customers.

Hanadan responds to today’s customer requirements offering a broad range of innovative solutions. Striven by the incessant exploration of novel display technologies, Hanadan actively works with display partners and research centers across the globe to bring customers with exciting display products.

This pursuit of excellence allows Hanadan making available to our customers the latest display technologies, such as: Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), LCD modules, graphic LCDs, STN, STN displays, CSTN, Color LCDs, and LCD glass.

Supported by module assembly in SMT, COB, COF, and TAB technology, highly complex display systems can be created for tomorrow’s designs. Hanadan has also enhanced passive monochrome TN, HTN and STN displays with technology brands to solve problems for product designers worldwide.

Hanadan Technologies create the ultimate plug ‘n’ play graphics interface, see more information on this here.

Check out our Novel Optical solutions to see how you can truly differentiate your display from those of your competitors

See pictures and details of our NEW colour LCD plant in Shanghai – increasing our total capacity by more than 50%

Our products include PCs, Single Board Computers, Monitors, Graphics Cards, Thin Clients and Terminals. Supported by design centres in Europe, the USA and Asia, you are just a click away from the answer to your computing requirements..

We have therefore organised our web pages to give you a three way approach, you can go to an advice page, or you can go to a quick select page or search directly through our catalogue details.

Our products, produced at our dedicated 37,000 sq ft manufacturing and design centre in Newcastle, combine the latest in display technologies with state of the art mechanical, electronic, software and manufacturing processes. We are experts in integrating LED, LCD, TFT, Plasma and rear projection displays with our own design of single board computer.

Our business covers the transport sectors of Bus, Air, Rail/Tram and with over 15,000 LED wallboards installed in call centres we are the leading supplier of these products in the UK.

Wherever you are, if you have a design or manufacturing question that troubles you in the telecoms, medical, industrial or professional marketplace speak to us first – we probably have the answer already.
Hanadan Technology occupies both a unique and commanding position in each of our three core areas of operation, namely the processing, transmission and displaying of information.

As one of the largest designers and manufacturers of display technology, we have established the best local design facilities, situated globally and taking advantage of the most cost effective manufacturing base, we deliver every day highly competitive solutions to problems that trouble even the largest blue chip OEM’s.